With it being nearly 100 degrees outside, I definitely don’t FEEL fall in the air…. but it is coming and I can’t wait!  Pumpkin spice has already graced its presence in our kitchen and I am ready for that cool crisp air (especially when showing houses).  It would be sad to get burnt out on pumpkin spice this early in the game, so I decided to try a wooden pumpkin project!  They actually turned out pretty cute, so I figured I’d share with you how to make them.

You could use reclaimed wood or pallets, but I just bought some wood at Home Depot to use.  I cut the boards to a length that I wanted the sizes of my pumpkins to be along with 3 extra pieces to hold each pumpkin together.  I personally made 2 big ones and a small one and was able to do so with 3 1×4 pieces of wood.


Once I had my pieces, I arranged them by size and nailed a piece of wood to the back to hold each pumpkin together.   I used a nail gun because that just makes life easier :).

Once I had each group ready, I sketched the shape of a pumpkin on the front of each one.  Don’t worry, they don’t have to be perfect!


Once each pumpkin was sketched, I used a jigsaw to cut out each pumpkin!


I sanded down the edges and then it was time to paint them!  I personally used a white wash, but you could use any color stain or paint that you want.


By this point in time, the only thing missing was a stem.  I simply broke off tree branches in our yard and hot glued them to the back of the pumpkins


You now pretty much have a completed pumpkin!  You can either write something on them with paint and stencils or even jack-o’-lantern faces.  I personally made a banner with twine and flags cut out of fabric.


There you go!  Now you have some cute fall decor for your porch and it really wasn’t hard to do.  I may work a little more on the shapes of my pumpkins next go-round, but all in all not too shabby!