Central Texas Speedway

Best_of_Kyle_2015_WINNERSince first AND second place for this category were things to do at Central Texas Speedway (watching live racing as well as racing their 65mph+ go karts), we went ahead and awarded the category to them as a company rather than just one of the events.

It can be surprising how enjoyable live car racing is if you’ve never experienced it but we LOVE the racing season and try to make it out to a live race whenever we can. CTS has also been wonderful partners with us and provide a number of giveaway tickets for us to pass on to our readers, which we know you LOVE too!

The go kart experience at CTS is also something you need to try. Driving at speeds up to 65mph, side by side with your friends is a BLAST. Maybe it’s because you’re so close to the ground, but if you were to tell me that our go karts were actually going 80mph, I would believe you!

It’s one of the most exciting and fun outdoor activities you can do period, much less just in the Kyle area.

Invite your friends and make a race night out at Central Texas Speedway!

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