Chill Out Self Serve Yogurt Bar

When the voting results came back, we were initially surprised by how many repeat winners there were but we weren’t that surprised to see Chill Out win for their second year in a row!

Chill Out Self Serve Yogurt Bar is an awesome locally owned business that is located in the Target shopping center, so it’s extremely convenient to stop in and grab a bowl of delicious frozen yogurt. They’ve also recently opened up a juice bar in the business so now there’s even more reasons to stop by Chill Out if you’re in their area!

Best_of_Kyle_2015_WINNEROur favorite thing about Chill Out Self Serve Yogurt Bar is that we can make our dessert exactly how we want it. As much add-ons as we’d like and we know we won’t be breaking the bank if we take the family out for a treat.

If you’re looking to plan a special occasion or birthday party, ask Chill Out about their specials!

How do you like your yogurt? Let us know in the comment section below!

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