kyle-logoCampaign season is about to shift into high gear, and with that comes the proliferation of political signs popping up throughout the city.

Political signs can be placed on private property as long as the property owner approves of the sign being on their property and the sign meets City of Kyle sign standards. Signs on the public rights of way however, are prohibited by City ordinance.

The City of Kyle Sign Ordinance, Section 29-12 of the city code states, “no sign shall be located on or project over public property or on a street right-of-way….” . This code applies to any sign, not just political signs.

“We see a lot of signs during election season, and a fair number end up in our right our way,” said Jerry Hendrix, City of Kyle Chief of Staff. “We want to be clear that our city code prohibits any sign, political or otherwise, from being in the public right of way and in compliance with the ordinance we are compelled to remove any sign from the right of way.”

Anyone with any questions regarding the sign ordinance, or wishing to report a possible violation, should call City of Kyle Code Enforcement at 512-262-3914.