kylelifeEpisode 18 of the Kyle Life Podcast features Cody Day, the owner of Egg Heads Mobile Rescue.

They offer full service on cell phone, tablets, and even computer repair!

Not only did I have a blast interviewing Cody, but I also got to see his handy work too!


My wife recently dropped her iPhone 5c and her phone ended up looking like this (left photo).


AfterNot long after, Cody got hold of her phone, worked his magic and, roughly 20 minutes later, it was like we had a brand new phone! (right picture)

So, I can personally vouch for Cody’s claims regarding Egg Heads Mobile Repair: They are definitely affordable, timely, and stand behind their work.

If you are in need of Egg Heads Mobile Repair’s services, check out their Facebook page, their website, or call them @ (512) 827-2434


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