Garage Sales are great places to score a deal. This Saturday you’ll have the opportunity to score a deal as well as do some good in the world by  help orphans! Read the following for more info:
Garage Sale for Orphans:
Saturday August 11
Proceeds from the sale will benefit:
–      Village of Hope Uganda, (caring for former child soldiers and children affected by the atrocities in Uganda)
–      Hays Hills for Haiti (partnering with Help End Local Poverty to rebuild communities in        earthquake ravaged parts of Haiti)
–      Love the Least Orphan Care Ministry (assisting Hays County families with their adoptions).
For more information please contact
Kelsey Jakubauskas:
P.S. a jump house will be set up to keep the kids entertained and baked goods will be available for purchase!
We rely on our readers to keep us informed on positive things like this in our community. If you have a fundraiser or charity related event coming up, please contribute or contact us!